Houses of Blessing

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom...

Welcome in the digital living Room

Sit down, take a cup of coffee or tea and perhaps have a biscuit. Feel at home!

We are still working hard here, as you can see. There is still work and remodeling, the dust has to descend and a thorough cleaning is certainly necessary, but that should not spoil the fun anyway?

Here in the house we know that we can be safe, secure. 

We do not gossip with each other or about each other, but we talk to each other. We laugh with each other and we cry with each other. We meet in the here and now and embrace each other with compassion and mercy.

Above all, as a household of God, we also enjoy each other!

Once again, feel welcome, within the frameworks set by Christ.

There is a place of commanded blessing

Perhaps I can first take you to that 'old' song: "there is a place of commanded blessing".

There is a place where the Lord blessus us, where brethren in unity dwell, a place where anoiting oil is flowing, and we live as one.

Can I ask a question to you? Do you know such a place, a place where the Lord wants to bless you, where unity is and love reigns? Where God's joy and oil can flow? Without obstacles, without regard to the person?

You have called us to be a body. You have calles us as friends. Joined together in the bond of the Spirit. Unto the end.

Do you have such a place where you are bound to the body of Christ, one as a family? Inserted, as a member, each separately, but together one body? To be friends through the Spirit of Jesus, strong to the end? 

Father we join with the prayer of Jesus. As you are so let us be one. Joined together in unity and purpose. All for the love of your son.

A place where you can come together to pray as he taught us, to be one together as He is, A desire to be bound together in unity and striving, strong in the Love of Him?

We will break dividing walls. We will break dividing walls. We will break dividing walls in the name of the Son. We will break dividing walls. We will break dividing walls and we will be one.

A place where yu dare to be yourself, where you dare to break down the wall that you may have built around youself? To bring down that wall to become one together in te love of Christ?

Or as the following text says:

"And where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom......." ~2 Cor 3:17b

Freedom. Are we not all looking for it? Are we not all looking for a place where we can be ourselves? A place where nothing is necessary and yet (within the frameworks of the decent) everything is allowed?

Where there are no tightly defined frames of 'as it should be', where there is no fixed structure. A place where freedom is in the broadest sense of the word.

Let's be honest that many fellow believers, from RKK to Free Reformed, from Baptist to Evangelical, have liked their place within those structures and perhaps even within that system. And that is good! If you feel 'happy' there, you know how to 'maneuver' within those frameworks and hove found your place there, I'm really happy for you!

But what is you do not know how to stay inside?

If that space is too limited for you?

We would like to offer you that place. A place to BE. A place where you (perhaps for a moment) can drop your wall and really dare to 'expose'. A place where there are no fixed boundaries with service, liturgy and all other 'Bells and wistles'.

If you are looking for that place or a different form, then we want to help you find that place.

You can always come to the coffee!

You can always be here without apologizing for who you really are.

In the house of God there is always peace!

You can always come to the coffee

A pilgrim song. From David. Behold, how good and sweet it is when brothers also live together. It is like the precious oil on the head, falling down on the beard, the beard of Aaron, who wave down on the hem of his clothes. It is like the dew of the Hermon, who descends on the mountains of Zion. For that is where the Lord blesses, life for all eternity.

Psalm 133

Are you looking for a house where you can come for a moment, just to BE you? And BE with capital letters. Just as you really are.

Maybe you need some compagny. A listening ear. Maybe you want to share your story. Perhaps you would like someone to pray for you, for the situation in which you are or want to recieve a piece of education from the Word of God, the Bible. That is possible!

But also, as said, just that listening ear. Or maybe you want to watch a movie together, play a game, just have a cup of coffee together and just do NOT do anything else. In other words, just be there, no matter who or what you are and to experience that you are welcome and of value.

It is all possible. The people who are connected to this site all have an open heart to recieve you as you are!

Feel free to contact one of them. There is probably 1 in your area and otherwise we are looking for someone in your area. If we do not have anyone in our network, we will go over the church walls and knock on a local pastor or preachers door and if you wish one of them will contact you.

Houses of Blessing Winnipeg Manitoba.


We are Hilde and Marc pranger and we work with the team at Living Word Temple in  Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. After that Marc was carrying a vision for ministry in  Canada since 1995 and made several trips over the years, did we move to Winnipeg  in August 2018. This was and is a leap of faith as we got the invitation to go in June  that year and moved fast and swiftly after that with three young children. We are  already for a longer time connected with houses of blessings when we lived in  Veenendaal the Netherlands.  

Our vision is to train and disciple people to disciple others. We are a missional focused  couple, always keeping Christ at the centre of what we do. LWT is our home church  and a hub for ministry activities. We long for reconciliation with the First Nations  because we know that the beauty of the good news of Jesus message was often  brought by Churches and christians who did the opposite of that message and gave  christianity a bad reputation by oppression, settlers mentality and colonization. We  hope to bring Jesus and showing His story in many different cultures and setting His  love free so to say.  

Even though our meeting are not in our house, we hope to make other people's houses  and all the place we meet at, places of blessing, as we go there to pray, or to open  the Bible, or to listen and be there.  

Gilbert Park Church Plant 

On September 16, 2018 we began to gather in Gilbert Park Winnipeg as a new church  plant in Winnipeg. God has opened up many new doors for us to share the love of  Jesus with the community. The team has also seen the beginning of the Light of the  World sharing circle gathering. We now meet every Saturday at the Gilbert Park  community gy at 2 p.m we welcome everyone in the circle to share their story and to  meet each other and Creator and His son Jesus. Marc as community pastor works  together with pastor Cameron in this simple church setting. This church should be  as a warm place, a house of blessing. Where possible do we also try to embrace  Indigenous culture and ceremonies in honoring the stewarts of the Land and  showing Jesus the Way, Life and Truth through their culture too. Hilde recently  started to do children's ministry for children coming to the gatherings

If you live in the Winnipeg area or come here as visitor and recognize yourself in what the  home page says - Are you looking for a place where you can come for a moment,  just to BE you? And BE with capital letters. Just as you really are. Maybe you need  some company. A listening ear. Maybe you want to share your story. Perhaps you  would like someone to pray for you, for the situation in which you are or want to  receive a piece of education from the Word of God, the Bible. That is possible.    

For contact send an email to​ ​      

Our ministry is without salary your support is appreciated  C4013 Marc Pranger    

Thank You!  Hilde and Marc